Dear Abundant Grace Family

Regathering is coming! But SLPs are here - and are working so well. So . . . discuss with your host and make a decision as a group. Three Sundays we want to all be together at 4pm at Hong En (no SLPs).

These are:
December 20 4pm Christmas
January 10, 4pm Children’s classes re-start (including Middle School)
February 7, 4pm Pre-Chinese New Year celebration

All other Sundays make a decision as a group - meet as an SLP or come to Hong En. If you’d like to participate in our soft-start . . . We hope to be having a Test-cember on Sunday, December 13.  But all is subject to government approval. Talk with your SLP leader and decide as a group if you’d like to participate in our “soft-start” test.

Stay tuned, stay informed, enjoy our transition!

For Christmas Eve we’re preparing a 9 Lessons & Carols for the Home - 
a Christmas special to gather with friends and neighbors. Mull the wine and enjoy the Christmas cheer!