Is This You?

Teens in Shanghai live with schedules tightly packed with studies, sports, and extra-curricular activities. Caught between demanding parents, who aspire for their children to attend top global universities, and high achieving peers with whom they must compete, their days are filled with pressure for excellence. The government, society, and schooling system also largely resists an active discussion about faith amongst teenage students. Limited safe spaces make it difficult to explore questions about God, meaning of life, and one’s purpose.

With these constraints, how can our teens develop a deep relationship with God? That’s where the AGIF Youth Pastor comes in. If the above sounds like an exciting challenge, this role could be perfect for you. Our youth pastor will be passionate about three things: Growing believers, reaching those who are exploring their faith, and equipping leaders. We believe our high school program is the key - focused on expatriate teens from all over the world, with a range of language, culture, and faith backgrounds.

Reaching high school teens will be hard – winning their trust, finding time in their busy schedules, and navigating through periods of constant change as families come and go. But, a solid, vibrant high school program will provide a beacon to middle schoolers who look with anticipation to the special experiences they’ll have through AGIF high school gatherings and activities. And, a thriving high school program will provide our university students and young adults opportunities to serve and worship.

The youth pastor must be passionate about engaging with teens in Pudong: in the bleachers at basketball games, in theaters for performances, and actively participate in the community. The youth pastor will also recruit trustworthy and mature adults who feel a similar passion for working with teens to develop and deepen their faith. And, the youth pastor will have a vision for bringing the Good News to teens who are exploring their faith, doing so in a manner that reflects the unique environment here – mostly wealthy, worldly, high achieving expatriate teens in the Shanghai community.

As AGIF youth pastor, you are rooted in the Word and a committed follower of Jesus, bringing sufficient theological training (or similar role experience) to effectively guide teens and adult leaders. You have a vision for your future that includes equipping global disciples, as the teens you reach will themselves go throughout the world, impacting others.

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